1. What is DECA?

DECA is an international organization that prepares leaders and entrepreneurs for careers and education in marketing, finance, hospitality, management, and other business areas around the globe. DECA stands for  Demonstrating Excellence, Celebrating Achievements 

2. How can I join? Who can join?

The membership fee for DECA is $35, which will get you entrance to all events held at DECA UTM. You can pay during clubs week or during our office hours until the end of September. 

Anyone who is a student at the University of Toronto Mississauga can join DECA UTM.  While we are a club based on business, you do not need to be in the management or commerce programs to join. Business skills are fantastic to have regardless of your field of study, and that is what DECA UTM is here for. 

3. Why should I join?

There are many reasons to join DECA. These include:

  •  A great opportunity for you to practice the skills that are essential to business, including critical thinking, quick problem solving, and interview skills. 
  • Build your own professional network through case competitions
  • Try cases in many areas of business, so that you can find out what interests you as you work towards future career path

4. What competitions do you have? What can I expect to do at competitions?

For the 2017-2018 school year, we anticipate to run five events. 

  1. Meet  and Greet
  2. Introductory Case Competition 
  3. Inter-UTM
  4. iDECAs
  5. Mock Provincials (for students registered for Provincials)

A typical competition includes: 

  • networking with judges
  • guest speakers
  • 1-2 cases in the DECA competition style
  • workshops from sponsors and industry professionals
  • free food! 

5. What is Provincials?

The provincials competition the largest undergraduate case competition in Canada. There will be over 1500 delegates competing in the 2 day and 2 night event in downtown Toronto. You will stay at the Sheraton Center downtown, and get to compete against universities from all across Canada. This is a separate cost to the membership fee, costing $230.00, and will be collected in November. You must be a DECA UTM member to be able to attend provincials. 

6. What categories can I compete in?

DECA Cases are unique, in that they are very fast paced. Competing individually, you have 15 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes. Competing in partners, you have 30 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to present. 

There are a variety of DECA Case Categories: Accounting, Finance, Management Consulting, Marketing, Management (Retail, Restaurant/Food Services), and Hospitality and Tourism. At DECA UTM events, you will be able to choose from 3-4 categories to compete in, and you can choose from the full range of categories at provincials. 

New this year! At select DECA UTM events, we will have "DECA for Science" and "DECA for Humanities" categories, designed to introduce students from other disciplines to DECA cases.